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Dragon City is one of the best games that can be played on Facebook. Android and iOS users are able to access such game with ease. It is released in April 2013 for iOS and August 2014 for Android. Its gameplay is including single player mode. For understanding the best method of playing, you can follow the Dragon City cheats. If we talk about the game then it becomes impressive with the addition of different types of dragons and breeding concept. 

Gems, Gold and Food Generator

Things to know about breeding 

Breeding is an activity, by which the players are capable of unlocking some specific and premium dragons with ease. For such a task, they need to be focused on lots of things. Here, the biggest thing is related to the results. Everyone should be careful when it comes to choose the dragons for breeding. In order to get best results, you should pick the dragons from different elements and a good rarity level. It is associated with lots of benefits and following are some. 

  • Save funds 

When it comes to unlock the dragons, then some players are visiting the in-game store and spend lots of funds for buying desired ones. Everyone does not have lots of funds in the account. In case you are facing lack of funds then you can pick the option of Dragon City hack tool. It helps you by generating an amount of essentials with ease. 

The tool is providing free services by which you can get the desired amount quickly. When it comes to use the tool then the interested ones are required to follow a simple process only. Within a few minutes of process completion, you can see the requested amount of funds in the account. 

With the help of breeding system, the interested ones do not need to spend big amount. They need to follow the breeding process and get a new dragon with spending money. 

  • Get rare dragons 

All players are interested in unlocking the rare dragons for improvising the performance. In the store, these types of dragons are associated with price of gems (premium currency). Some are tagged with a big amount of coins (main currency). If we talk about breeding process then it can help you in getting rare dragons without using funds. 

In the Dragon City cheats, you can get details about the combination that can be perfect for getting such results. 

  • No complications 

Mainly players are facing issues in understanding the process. When it comes to the breeding then you can easily complete it by investing a few minutes only. 

Different types of dragons 

Dragons are playing the most important role in the game. Everyone needs focus on the collection of dragons carefully. The dragons are differentiated on the basis of some categories. Now I’m going to mention some major ones. 

  • Legacy dragon 

The legacy dragons are having some unique skills and abilities by which the players can dominate the opponents easily. When it comes to get such kind of dragons then you should try to breed pure dragons. 

  • Wind dragons 

The wind dragons are associated with the flying skills. These skills can help you in getting some benefits during the battles. These types of dragons have color changing abilities according to the weather. For unlocking such kind of dragons, you can get help from Dragon City hack and credit required amount. 

  • Double flame dragon 

Double flame dragons are mainly representing the heat. These types of dragons are the exclusive ones. If you are going to get it from breeding process then it will take around 30 seconds for hatching.  

Dragon City – Different Types Of Dragons

dragon city cheats

Gems, Gold and Food Generator

There are 9 different types of Dragons that players can easily breed for using them in the game such as Earth, Fire, Plant, Ice, Dark, Legend, Electric and the Water. Once you decide to grab some funds, then dragon city hack would be really proves supportive for you. To commence with the Earth Dragon Hybrids that is really useful for the gamers such as Flaming Rock Dragon in which you will find the Earth and Fire Dragons. Here are some more examples of these dragons –

  • Volcano Dragon
  • Snow Flake Dragon
  • Chameleon Dragon
  • Venom Dragon
  • Armadillo Dragon
  • Alpine Dragon and so on

Top dragons of dragon city game!

Gamers will find dedicated dragons in the game, but when you are going to find top dragons then it is really important to understand their user and powers.  Only smart players are taking the help of a dragon city guide in order to become a shaper in-game.  Here you will find the list of dragons that are counted in the top dragons of the game-

  1. Air Dragon – To commence with the Air Dragon that resembles the Pokemon lugia, so it mostly based on this character. This specific type of dragon has 4 legs, light purple color and they come with broader wings that help them to fly quickly.  Players will find them comes with the horns and typically a dragons and based on the legendary dragons which the Lugia has only two legs and very small wings and along with the white color body. However, this dragon was removed in the new Light and war update and come again on the Update 26th of September 2-13 with the SP reverted the status of the wind dragon.
  2. Forest Lord Dragon – The name of the dragon is Forest Lord Dragon that counted in the habitat of Light, Nature and Legend. Instead of this, it is an exclusive type of dragon that takes leveling rewards of 500 after getting hatched. Not only this, you can sell it in just 5000 gold. If we talk about the timing of the hatching, then it will take near about two days and 10 hours to getting hatched. It mostly comes in a dark green color. It will start from the egg and then get big on the level of 1 to 3. It will start taking shape of mature dragon on the level of 4 to 6. At last level, you can make it a big dragon between the level of 7 – 40.

Genie Dragon – When players are looking for dragons with Impressive names and dedicated skills, then the name of Genie Dragon comes on apex. It is counted in the light and Flame Habitat and it will give you 70000 leveling rewards and at the time of selling it you can easily earn 800000 gold. Not only this, it comes in blue color so simply use it and use its punch and other attacks such as Lava Balls, Flaming Arrows, Hammer Fist, FlameThrower, Magma Storm, and many other great attacks. We have covered all the top and great aspects related to the dragons that players can easily use in order to become a dedicated gamer. You must have used the dragon city cheats for generating funds of the game for free.  

Dragon City Hack Tutorial (find session id)

Dragon City Hack Facebook Id

Dragon City Hack Facebook Id

Gems, Gold and Food Generator

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Gold participate in very important position in the game, and you will need to keep it in mind. The Dragon City Cheats can help the gamers to make limitless Gems quickly to win the Dragon City.

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Food, Gems & Gold engage in very important role in the game, and you will need to keep it in mind. Using Dragon City Gems Hack can help the players to generate unlimited Food, Gems & Gold instantly to make progress in the game.

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Minecraft Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits – BOOKS = UNLIMITED DIAMONDS

Dragon City Exploit

Dragon City Exploit

Gems, Gold and Food Generator

Minecraft in 2020. What world do we find ourselves in today? Well here we are none the less. Minecraft has become the survival game we all dreamed it would when we nostalgically loaded it up for the first time 10 years ago. All of that is unimportant anyway as today we are simply looking at how to break the game by duplicating items resulting in a fast an efficient way to get unlimited diamonds which is 100% not an exploit…. Well perhaps a little!

So today we ask the ultimate question of Minecraft! Is Minecraft A Perfectly balanced game with no exploits or is it only balanced if we exclude the rather broken unlimited diamond exploits and item duplication. Also why is it that BOOKS = UNLIMITED DIAMONDS!

What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.

So sit back relax and enjoy this Minecraft challenge!
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Exploit Guide –

1. install auto hotkey – dragoncityshack.com/www.autohotkey.com/
2. Download the custom working script made by dragoncityshack.com/www.youtube.com/channel/UCqxqWzIf3M9iqkPrOuYFUlg

Link: dragoncityshack.com/rg.to/file/dc7263df4fd7140a84e328a60de0bfe4
3. Start the script
4. Enter minecraft
5. Make a double chest, then put 2 single chests. In the double chest we will put a setup of all the books to dupe, in one single chest we will stack the remaining books we need to activate the dupe and in the last one we will store the items we want to dupe. But first, do NOT store any items at all.
6. After setting up the chests you will need 54 books, of which you will make the following:

*In each book you must put the random characters. Remember we activated the script, if you didnt, you can boot it after launching the game, the order does not matter at all, the script will still work.
*To automatically type the characters you must open the book, then put your mouse over the next page arrow and then hold down the keys “control + alt + shift” and then press down either f5 or f9, all at the same time. So you can either do ctrl+alt+shift+f5 or ctrl+alt+shift+f9, but remember that the f5 and f9 results are not the same, so you will need to press each combination for each type of book you want to make, which i will list below

*Make the following books
(no quotations needed)
-10 books called “1” (f5)
-10 books called “2” (f9)
-10 books called “3” (f5)
-10 books called “4” (f9)
-7 books called “5” (f5)
-7 books called “6” (f9)

7.After having all the 54 books named and signed and with the proper contents you must then proceed to put then in this pattern into the double chest. (double chests are 9 squares long and 6 squares tall) (The X represents an empty slot in the chest)


8.From this point, this is the max you want to keep inside of this chest, because whenever you fill in those X squares with the books called “6” the chunk wont save, so now, leaving those X slots empty, put the items you want to dupe in one of the single chests and stack all the books called “6” inside of another single chest. Then save and quit. When you enter the game, everything will be saved as it is, and you can still modify the chunk and changes will be saved, so now its time to act. Take the books that are called 6 and put them in the remaining slots. Then take out all the items you want to dupe. Then save and quit. When you enter again, it will all be back to normal, just like before, the chest will still have the items you just duped, and the books called 6 will be back in the single chest. So this means you can easily repeat this process as many times as you want, as long as you do as i said.

Title: Minecraft Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits – BOOKS = UNLIMITED DIAMONDS

Last minecraft video Title: Minecraft Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No EXPLOITS – Excluding Unlimited Diamonds Glitch

#funny #montage #Minecraft

Gold, Gems & Food engage in very important role in the game, and you may need to keep this thing in mind. The use of Dragon City Tips can help the people to generate unlimited Gems, Gold & Food in minutes to win the game.

This is the best money/gold exploit/glitch you can do in fable 2. Originally on the 360 you needed to set your time in the future but on the Xbox one you need to roll it back 100 years. Make sure you are doing this on a hero that has never been exposed to DLC and uninstall all DLC otherwise this wont work.

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