Dragon City – Different Types Of Dragons

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There are 9 different types of Dragons that players can easily breed for using them in the game such as Earth, Fire, Plant, Ice, Dark, Legend, Electric and the Water. Once you decide to grab some funds, then dragon city hack would be really proves supportive for you. To commence with the Earth Dragon Hybrids that is really useful for the gamers such as Flaming Rock Dragon in which you will find the Earth and Fire Dragons. Here are some more examples of these dragons –

  • Volcano Dragon
  • Snow Flake Dragon
  • Chameleon Dragon
  • Venom Dragon
  • Armadillo Dragon
  • Alpine Dragon and so on

Top dragons of dragon city game!

Gamers will find dedicated dragons in the game, but when you are going to find top dragons then it is really important to understand their user and powers.  Only smart players are taking the help of a dragon city guide in order to become a shaper in-game.  Here you will find the list of dragons that are counted in the top dragons of the game-

  1. Air Dragon – To commence with the Air Dragon that resembles the Pokemon lugia, so it mostly based on this character. This specific type of dragon has 4 legs, light purple color and they come with broader wings that help them to fly quickly.  Players will find them comes with the horns and typically a dragons and based on the legendary dragons which the Lugia has only two legs and very small wings and along with the white color body. However, this dragon was removed in the new Light and war update and come again on the Update 26th of September 2-13 with the SP reverted the status of the wind dragon.
  2. Forest Lord Dragon – The name of the dragon is Forest Lord Dragon that counted in the habitat of Light, Nature and Legend. Instead of this, it is an exclusive type of dragon that takes leveling rewards of 500 after getting hatched. Not only this, you can sell it in just 5000 gold. If we talk about the timing of the hatching, then it will take near about two days and 10 hours to getting hatched. It mostly comes in a dark green color. It will start from the egg and then get big on the level of 1 to 3. It will start taking shape of mature dragon on the level of 4 to 6. At last level, you can make it a big dragon between the level of 7 – 40.

Genie Dragon – When players are looking for dragons with Impressive names and dedicated skills, then the name of Genie Dragon comes on apex. It is counted in the light and Flame Habitat and it will give you 70000 leveling rewards and at the time of selling it you can easily earn 800000 gold. Not only this, it comes in blue color so simply use it and use its punch and other attacks such as Lava Balls, Flaming Arrows, Hammer Fist, FlameThrower, Magma Storm, and many other great attacks. We have covered all the top and great aspects related to the dragons that players can easily use in order to become a dedicated gamer. You must have used the dragon city cheats for generating funds of the game for free.