Platinum Edition Waterdeep: Dragon Heist – Beadle & Grimm's D&D supplements

Waterdeep Dragon Heist Coins

Waterdeep Dragon Heist Coins

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Platinum Edition Waterdeep: Dragon Heist - Beadle & Grimm's D&D supplements

Review of Beadle & Grimm’s Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Platinum Edition premium version of the Dungeons & Dragons adventure from Wizards of the Coast. Click “Show More” for timestamps, notes, corrections, and links.

Notes & Corrections:
-The Stone of Golorr hardware piece sticks to the front of the box via built-in magnets (as seen in promotional photos)

0:09 Listing of contents
0:48 Battle maps
0:57 Example town map configurations
1:38 Description of specific adventure locations
1:48 Old Tower map
2:04 Mistshore map
2:22 Cellar complex map
2:38 Gralhund Villa map
2:54 Description of generic rooms maps
3:05 Discussion of quality of maps
3:37 Legacy maps
5:02 Adventurers League item
5:31 In-game documents
7:52 Presentation of Dragon Heist adventure in reorganized booklets
9:49 Pregenerated characters (5 total) for player use or extra NPCs
12:46 Bonus encounters (4 total) and accompanying original artwork
15:31 Additional art from the adventure (and where to find them in the booklets)
19:51 Dungeon Master (DM) screen and comparison with the regular one released for the adventure
20:27 Overview of Platinum Edition screen
21:28 Overview of regular screen
21:59 Discussion of which screen may be better to use in different contexts
22:39 Encounter cards
23:53 All 40 encounter cards included in the box
24:11 Hardware showcase
26:59 Discussion of Nolzur’s Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures included with the Platinum Edition
28:48 Next product in Beadle and Grimm’s line: Sinister Silver Edition of Ghosts of Saltmarsh
30:23 Conclusions and Review

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– Lord Anton Greycastle (Joe), Human Battlemaster Fighter, Waterdhavian Noble (House Greycastle) background. Delt with shipping on the docks and knows of the Luskan ships. Yagra is Anton’s special lady friend. Family is a rival of Zardoz Zord. Has a magic sword.

– Greek “Banjo” Wilkerson (Jerry), Tiefling Bard, came from the outer ward of Watdeeep. Trying to build some crazy stringed instrument that’s a mixture of a lute and a tamberine. Kidnapped by Frewn. Works for Durnan at the Yawning Portal. Has a magical bardic instrument.

– John the Grizzled (Jay), Dwarf Arcane Cleric, deals in lore. Dirty and not real socialable. Knows that something from the nine hells is going on in Watedeep. Also a brewer and friend of Hammand Craddock. No real powerful magic item. Prayer beads?

– Arannis (Bryan), Drow Pact of the Fiend Warlock, he knows little of his patron but came to Waterdeep because of the pull of the pact. Patron is named Izikul, a devil who collects proteges for his master (Azmodeus). Has a Rod of the Pact Keeper.

X Agarin (Pat), Human Rogue Investigator. Former member of the city watch. Too old for this shit. Sort of kicked out of the city watch. Stole a draconic chamberpot. Secretly working for Blackstaff. Urstel Floxin’s acidic crossbow.

X Annabelle Lee (Juliet), Wizard that works for the Gray Hands. Character archetype is Cole from True Detective.

Strong Start

Jarlaxle talks to the characters.


– Jarlaxle’s talk
– Izikul talks to Arranis. Izikul gives Arranis a soul-draining dagger and three soul coins.
– Interaction with the Stone of Golorr. Attempts mind control.

– Jarlaxle believes that the Blackstaff would use the gold in a coup attempt against the open lord.
– The lords of hell trade souls like commidity traders. Mephistopheles and Asmodeus don’t really pay attention. They have people for that.
– The Stone of Golorr is actually a cursed aboleth. The aboleth wants to be returned to its normal state in the sewers of Waterdeep to join back in with the Abolethic Soverignty.
– The stone will offer the location of the vault of dragon in exchange for having its curse removed and placed in the sewer of Waterdeep.
– The Vault is in an old wizard’s tower. The wizard was named Radcliff the Night Caster. It’s in the sea ward.
– Urstel Floxin and Victorio Cassalanter (with Top Hat and Craddock) are hunting and tracking the characters. they hope to jump the characters after they get the gold.
– The Xanathar has send Nilhiloor to get the stone or the gold and gave him a hit squad to do it.
– The gold dragon was conscripted by Dagault Neverember and doesn’t know the war is over.

Fantastic Locations
– Nightcaster’s Tower
– The Vault of the Dragons

– Coster Goldstrife (Guilded Devil) LE male guilded devil. Agent Smith from Matrix.
– Urstul Floxon, former Zhent assassin who works the Cassalanters.
– Sergeant Stagat. North Ward commander
– Sister Arana. Dwarf priestess of Gond.
– Tyler Millrock. Bartender.
– Hammand Craddock. Brewers Guild and facilitator for the repairs of Trollskull Manor.
– Sammy the foul mouthed unicorn
– Leif the ghost bartender
– Costra Goldstryfe. Guilded devil.
– Sara Dirthands. Agent of Brigan D’Arth and spy for Jarlaxle.
– Aryn Metrope
– Willifort Crowelle, Cassalanter Valet trying to murder people. Doppleganger.
– Bigbones and Genna. Two kids that robbed the Cassalanter carriage
– Tophat. Cambion bodyguard.
– Elric of the free folks


Urstel Floxin’s black dragon acidic hand crossbow + 1

After-Game Notes
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